Our story1


Onyx jewelry owes its humble beginnings to a simple idea fueled by a rich family tradition in the jewelry business. In 2011, Malka and Esther Nussen formed the idea for a high-end fashion jewelry shop in Brooklyn where luxury could meet affordable pricing. Equipped with an inspiring vision— one where any woman can afford to feel beautiful— the mother-daughter-in-law duo embarked on a bold journey.

Coming from a family with over 30 years of history in the jewelry business, our success depends on being a little different than the other jewelry shops in town. For five years now, Malka and Esther have held patiencehonesty, and personal care as their operating mantra and grown Onyx into the business it is today.
Today, we continue to pride ourselves in maintaining a good reputation with our customers an suppliers, alike. If the customer isn’t completely satisfied, the job isn’t done yet.
We know a mother-in-law partnership with her daughter-in-law partnership isn’t common— but that’s what makes us unique and different. Being a little different is something we can definitely get behind! It would be our pleasure to welcome you into our shop and share this incredible journey with you.