Shining Hope Statement Earrings: Celestial Glamour

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Inspired by the ethereal glow of the Brooklyn skyline at midnight, the Shining Hope Statement Earrings are a testament to timeless elegance. Illuminate your aura with the celestial shimmer these earrings bring, capturing the essence of the city's nocturnal beauty. Glittering pavé, reminiscent of a starlit sky, is elegantly framed by signature matte 14K gold finish, creating a look destined to be the highlight of the holiday season. Crafted with a sterling silver core and adorned with handset clear cubic zirconia stones, every detail speaks of meticulous craftsmanship. Engraved with the FREIDA ROTHMAN insignia 'MIDNIGHT', these earrings are not just accessories, but a statement of luxury and aspiration. As you wear them, look towards the luminous horizon and radiate effortless glamour.